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Monday, February 24, 2014

Office Hottie

This look is very simple. Black & white. As you can see, I wear black quite a bit but it's not because it's slimming. I just love the way it makes every outfit look "uniform".

Let's start with my blazer...

I got it at Macy's for $60 and it's definitely a key piece! It has very thin shoulder pads. The shoulder pads give a boxy look which is great for my long neck! The lace sleeves are also a cool touch. I keep them rolled up! My arms are so long I end up doing that to most jackets. #TallGirlTip100

My Top...

The shirt is an over-sized button up I got last year from H&M. Very sheer (which I hate) but goes great under blazers, jackets, or sweaters. Another cool trick is to roll up the sleeves & tie the front- Like in the early 90's. This will give you a completely different look.

The high-waist skirt, shoes, & neclace are from Forever 21. I bought some really cute spring clothes there -including booty shorts! So be on the lookout 8-) Oh, & H&M has THEE best tights, oh my WORD!!!

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Saturday, February 15, 2014


I got this shirt at PacSun. Natural makeup. This day was a drag but... Welcome to Selfie-ville! #GapLife

Random: Last week I walked for Wayne Plitz NYC Fashion Week. This was the first time he included plus size models in the show and it was an honor to be a part of it. Met some cool people, saw some old aquaintances, & learned a TON!! I love, love, love runway. Modeling is my heart. I am constantly learning, progressing, & growing.


Bonus: My Vday Gifts ❤️πŸ˜˜πŸ’πŸ’

I have some awesome photos & fashion to share next week! Stay tuned!



Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Update 2/4/14

I was recently featured in Bridal Tribe Magazine spread via Empress Lingerie. This campaign was HOT! I had such a great time shooting with Empire Photography. They really treated me like family. Lots of laughs & great photos.

Tie dye top, Jasmine pant, Polka dot swimsuit: Empress Lingerie
Photo credit: Empire Photography
Publication: Bridal Tribe Magazine

This has me ready for summer! Oh em gee. Get me a piΓ±a colada & some skittles- I can just taste the sun. I can actually feel the thong flip flop pattern imprinted on my feet. Lol! Summer, summer, summertime.

That's it folks! Be sure to check out for the latest in swimwear & lingerie.


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Snowstorm Barbie

I can still hear my little footsteps running through the house to wake my big brother. He had no idea about the winter wonderland outside. I remember watching Home Alone, sitting by the fireplace, & mixing 2 packets of Swiss hot chocolate into one cup. Snow days were almost equivalent to Christmas as a child. But as an adult with bills, a job, and children to take to school- Everything has changed. I wanna feel the magic but my efforts are destroyed by my 2-page to-do list. I've been a well-oiled machine all year and then here comes the snow toying with my deadlines & quotas. That trip to the bank, canceled! That meeting with the new client, canceled! Catholic schools are closed & so is my office. But in the midst of the storm, something special happened. Family Night! My fiancΓ©, the boys, & I watched Home Alone. It was cool hearing them laugh at the burglars getting hit upside the head with paint cans. (Lol) I even enjoyed those sneaky little hands reaching into my personal bowl of popcorn. We even played in the snow after taking some quick photos for my blog!

I felt like such a Barbie with my fur vest & hiking boots. I threw on a waist-belt over my vest to create that hourglass shape we all love so much.

Appreciate your forced time-outs. God is protecting & preparing you for your next phase. Reflect. Check on family & friends. Help shovel someone's car out. Clean off your own. Cook. Laugh. Read. Pray. Meditate. Exercise. Rest. Research. Blog. Prepare for the rest of the week. Be happy that you aren't out there stranded on the roads. Be glad you are alive!

I hear an ice storm is coming to the NJ/NY. Be safe! Thanks for reading!

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Monday, February 3, 2014

Boobs & Boots

Hey guys! I'm all about body acceptance. No photoshop, iphone, & filter free today. Light makeup & unbrushed hair. Myself is not so bad. Actually, I'm pretty cool. Get used to my spring roll. You'll be seeing more of it soon! Especially since I'm Team Crop-Tops & Thick Chicks! The snow is melting & there's a storm on the way. I had to capitalize on this good weather. I'll be posting again tomorrow. Look out for my snow photos! 

When you are TRUE to yourself, you will always be right...even when it's wrong.


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