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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Curvily Ever After: Live Taping

Hey! Welcome back to CBB. Thanks for visiting. I know I usually say this at the end but I thought I'd switch it up & let you know I appreciate you stopping by. I want to share with you some behind the scenes photos from a bridal segment I was featured in last week. The show 'Ginger New York' airs in Manhattan & is live!  I wore the most gorgeous gown design by Sherita Jennings (VisceraNY). Viscera NY is a womenswear line focused in demi-couture evening wear. Her designs are true to size and also Curvy-Friendly! Don't I look like a happy bride?

As you can see we had a blast! I was nervous about the show being live but as soon as I got to set, I snapped into model mode. I love my photog! he did an amazing job. Kudos to Brittnie Scurry on the retouching. Wait, that's me. Oh ok. Ha!

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Monday, April 21, 2014

Curvy Brittnie: Easter Recap

Hey readers! Hope your Easter was as amazing as mine. Here's my recap. I didn't have an Easter fit so decided to deconstruct this beautiful H&M dress ($40) into a jacket & skirt. It came out great!  My wonderful photog captured some great images. Check out my album Shot By Press Tally!

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Sean Anthony Designs: It's All About The City 2014

I had the pleasure of walking in Sean Anthony Design's 2014 Fashion Showcase- It's All About The City last week! I had such a great time at this event. I was nervous at first being on the 50th floor but it was such a beautiful sight.I absolutely loved the new line. It was super fun, colorful, & sexy. The new bombers are everything! I have a special bond with the yellow dress I wore, so I'll be purchasing that dress ASAP! I love Sean Anthony Designs. Check out these behind the scenes & after-the-show photos!

Stylist Corrinn Chishimba-BEAUTY BOY STYLE

Plus Model Brittnie Scurry (Me, hehe)

I absolutely love this dress! 

Plus Model & Runway Coach Angie de Milo

Grind time backstage! Lori & Corrinn adding the finishing touches.

Look at this model in disguise as a stylist. She's gorgeous!

& This BEAUTY Vicky Poole...

She's a sweetheart & she's killing this look. This Taxi Bomber was definitely my fav!

Hey look who it is. Allison McGevna, the woman who inspired me to blog. She's a doll. :-)

It's All About This Bomber...I mean, The City!
Yve Edmond, Allison McGevna, Angie de Milo, Limarie Lewis, Colleen Stovall, & The Princess Jayla Stovall
Plus Model Barrett Rosser
Lori (Sean Anthony Designs) & Plus Model & Blogger Colleen Stovall

 Be sure to visit Sean Anthony Designs today for your latest spring fashion!

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Aspire To Inspire: The Overcomer (Nigeria)

People told me that I was ugly. They told me I was worthless. I hated smiling.  I didn't think I would ever be happy. For years I would cut myself. I still have the scars. I was depressed. I really believed I was a nobody.

 About 2 yrs ago, I stopped cutting when I saw my little brother do it. That was my breaking point. It brought tears to my eyes. Then he said "Now you see how I feel."  I will never cut again.

Now, I am getting to know myself. I am 16. My name is Nigeria. I think I am beautiful. I wore a dress today. My friend straightened my hair. Ms.Brittnie took my pictures. I feel like a model too. I feel very pretty. I didn't even cover my arms.

Maybe one day I can become a model or a photographer. Maybe a social worker. I think I can do it. I want to make things beautiful again.



Thursday, April 10, 2014

iRun LA!

I've never been to LA! Lol...& that's my intro. It's all about this tank. Isn't it HOT?!

 Please get used to my legs. You will be seeing them all spring & summer! Ah, the perks of being a tall girl.

Added a fur vest to layer & flipped it inside out to give a different look. I can't remember where I got the vest but my point is there are 1,000,000 ways to wear a cool tee! Try this with a blazer!

 I got this faux collar a few years ago & it works great for dressing up a tee. I also have a fur faux collar that I wish I didn't leave at home! It would've been a great accent to this look.

I am such a minimalist & I see beauty in the most simple things. A sleeveless tank can be edgy with the right accessories. You don't have to wear a gown to look like a princess. It's ALL ABOUT YOU!
Shout Out to my photog (ShotByPressTally)! Thanks for reading my short blog! Check back soon.
Swimsuits & Handbags: Hint, Hint ;-)


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