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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Autumn Leaves

Hi There! 
Quick Post of today's outfit.
Don't you just LOVE autumn?
This fit screams NOVEMBER!
Check below for details on items.
Corduroy Jacket HERE
Similar Cognac Boots (Longer Heel) HERE

That was pretty quick, right?!
Just a pretty cool OOTD folks!
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Monday, October 20, 2014

Little Red Dress + MORE

So, this post is new to you--OLD to me!
Every lady needs that one little red dress.
I love, love this dress. 
I like how its loose so I get away with it being so short.
I feel like a cheerleader with all these pleats--can't remember where I got this dress.
I didn't plan to wear this jacket (H&M). 
It just happened.
Kinda cool though.

I look like a sexy scientist!

I actually did a photo shoot with Nicole LeBris (NLBCreative) wearing this dress.
I had already shot my blog [ABOVE] but when she saw this dress in my wardrobe she loved it.
Here are a couple quick snapshots from that shoot!
They're amazing.
She also has really great rates too!
Hair, Makeup, Styling, & Photo by Nicole LeBris (NLBCreative)

Hair, Makeup, Styling, & Photo by Nicole LeBris (NLBCreative)

If you know me then you know how I feel about NLBCreative! 
First of all, she's a beast.
I've never seen anyone work so hard & efficiently. 
Hair, Makeup, Styling, Photography, & Retouching--All ON POINT.
Here are more photos from the shoot that are actually on my agencies website.

Now wasn't that a sexy surprise?!

Booking Info;

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Carolina Sunshine

As we were heading out of North Carolina, I spotted this field--looks like tobacco.
I made my fiance stop driving just to get out & catch this sunlight.
Overexposed photos.
My favorite hat.
My favorite lip.
I'm in hippy heaven.

This little cutie, Maddie did not want to take this picture.
You can't even tell by that beautiful smile.
She was coerced by her mother-HA!

Dress HERE

Watching my fiance with his family made me so happy.
I admire how close everyone is.
Random: We both have grandma Bettye's.
I mean, I don't know a Bettye that isn't cool as ever.
Dope breeds Dope.

My hat is making it's 2nd appearance on the blog. 
I need to warn you that I really love this hat.
Like, seriously.
I could wear this everyday.
There are only two things I wear everyday.

Fun Fact: The two things that I wear everyday are my engagement ring & Michael Kors watch.
Both mean so much to me.
The story about the watch is really romantical.
But I'm so private, you'd probably never know.
& he better feel special about that. 
I don't even wear underwear everyday.
Even though under NO CIRCUMSTANCES would I ever move to North Carolina,
I must admit it was beautiful.
But I'm a city girl now.
Florida is as country as I will get.
Bye, NC!


Sunday, October 12, 2014

Root Beer Float

Hey Curvy Cuties!
I'm back with another fall look.
Don't you just love AUTUMN?!
I am totally obsessed with tights, knee-hi's, stockings, & socks.
I'm going to try my hardest to wear shorts, dresses, & skirts until It snows-HA!
Girls who have legs for days deserve another season to show them off.

Collar Shirt HERE
Hashtag Sweater HERE
Leather Shorts HERE
Similar Tights HERE
Similar Bag HERE
Nude Shoes HERE

& here's the overexposed...

Style Comments: Tall girls, this sweater has really long sleeves! It clings, doesn't get worn out & snaps right back after washing. The shorts are a baggy fit but if you have more junk in the trunk like me, it may not fit as intended. I love these shorts though. They are imitation leather--doesn't bother me a bit. Very inexpensive. Love this preppy look.

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Friday, October 10, 2014


Hey dolls!
 SO, now that leather season is in full affect, I thought I'd share a quick post.
 Here's my Edgy + Pretty blend.
This Biker Jacket is everything.
Check out the quilted detail photos!
 <3 <3 <3
Biker Jacket HERE
Similar Pants HERE
Crop Tee HERE
Patent Leather Platforms HERE


Jacket Detail;

My special guest! He asked if he could be on my blog because he's cool.
He did these poses all by himself.
This child cracks me up.
Ahmir <3

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