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Monday, November 24, 2014

Wine & Leather

Leather hot pants.
Wine colored tings.
Bad gal Brittnie + Fall.
Same day.
Different looks.
Outfit details, later.
What do you think?



The most beautiful time of year is usually fall.
It's usually so peaceful this time of year.
Or at least it SHOULD BE.
Hold your family a little tighter this year. 
You never know what the future holds!
My prayers go out to the families & friends who have lost someone due to violence,
I wish America's justice system would stand up for the ppl who built this very country.



Sunday, November 16, 2014

Rags To Riches

Hey Cuties!
Quick Post.
Be sure to check back tomorrow for my #BeeDay post!
I am 23 years young now.
*blank stares*
Back to this look.
It's all about tattered prettiness.
 I did a white blazer to make it a little formal & also added that angelic look.
& everybody knows I'm an angel.
  This sidewalk is really my runway today.
Excuse me while I do what I do best.

 While it's not an everyday look, I absolutely love this mix between TOUGH & Elegance.
Buy this white jacket here.
It's slightly tailored, no buttons, & lined.
Thin shoulder padding.
Size 12.
 *i love your smile--doo doo doo doo doo doo do*
 STYLE TIP: Tear up some old jeans, pair with stockings (rip them up too if you ain't skurd), a plaid shirt/ sweater(for your waist), a fitted shirt/blazer, & maybe even a tie. Rock out!
Don't be afraid to be YOU.
Wear what you like.
Be wild.
Witcha' BAD self.

Thanks for stopping by!


Saturday, November 8, 2014

Curvy Brittnie in FLORIDA

Check out these photos from my hot date in Daytona.
My fiance and  I stayed at The Shores Resort & Spa.
Let me just tell you...I was speechless.
First of all, Essie at the front desk upgraded our room twice!
The first room was a riverview but when we got there we wanted to change to an oceanfront view.
Then after being in the oceanfront room, we wanted a balcony & oceanfront room.
Here's the kicker--There were NO ADDITIONAL CHARGES.

Each room was beautiful.
The bathroom were big, lots of mirror, big shower.
You can tell everything had been recently upgraded.
The bed was so comfy & had mosquito nets all around.
How romantic?!

ANywho, I didn't get that many good pics because I was having too much fun.
Here are a few that I did! 

I love this guy to pieces.
Happy Birthday!

The view was amazing.

I woke up like this lolol.

My guys loved go-kart racing.
I let them win!
Ahmir's mad bc he wants to go back to the carnival.

I'm such a big kid!!!

My babies!

I had lost a lot of weight before this trip.
Which I could go back to this size for a couple days to fit into this dress again!

Well, That's all folks!
If I find anymore photos I'll upload them.


Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Super Destroyed

I busted my jeans up even more & called them SUPER Destroyed.
See, there's a difference between destroyed & SUPER destroyed.
Destroyed is when you first buy them & they're all cutesy.
Super destroyed is when you're wrestling with your fiance' and you bust out the hip & knee holes.


I love this Calvin Klein vest!
I saw it on for $110 but it's currently sold out.
I got mine from Macy's & of course, it was the LAST one.
It's oversized--good for us glamazon's.
It has a double seam with a mesh collar.
It's a tailored fit and has a slight stretch which works well for my bOOby girls.
I wish my photographer wasn't being a pain bc the detail on this vest is crazy...
Love him though.

I've had this jacket since summer & I've never worn it. 
Got it at one of those little mall boutique stores- can't remember the name.
I found one HERE on
Not sure about the quality on that site though.
Also my jeans are from
Anyone 5'9 & above should know about this store already.
They offer denim in inseams up to 39"!
I'm 6'0" & my inseam is 37".
The jeans are reasonably priced, are usually a juniors fit but now they have expanded their store to plus sizes! YAY!
They also have a TALL SHOP just for the leggy ladies.

I could go on & ON about but you should check them out for yourself!
They have a huge sale right now --11/5/14

Thanks for reading! 
PLease HYPE this look on Lookbook?!


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